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“Perfect Game is a leading resource for anyone interested in amateur baseball, running top-notch events throughout the year which are followed closely by our scouts. Organized and efficient, Perfect Game is on top of their game. Perfect Game player information and rankings are a valuable resource for us.”
Brian M. Cashman
Sr. Vice President and General Manager
New York Yankees
“The player information Perfect Game provides to MLB organizations is extremely valuable. The Perfect Game events, scouting reports, and rankings are very important to the Red Sox scouting department. It's common knowledge in professional and college baseball that Perfect Game is the undeniable leader in running amateur showcases and tournaments.”
Ben Cherington
former General Manager
Boston Red Sox
“Those were great experiences. Just to get out of (New) Jersey and see the competition from all across the country and to compete against other players that were doing the same things you were trying to do -- get to the professional level. It was just good to get that exposure.”
Mike Trout
2014 AL MVP
2012 AL Rookie of the Year
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
“(The PG events) gave me the opportunity to play against some really good competition. It allows you step outside your comfort zone a little bit, and I have really fond memories of those days, doing the Perfect Game events and the All-American Classic.”
Buster Posey
2012 NL MVP
San Francisco Giants
“Anything Perfect Game is involved with is followed closely by colleges and professional baseball. They are the very best at what they do. No one creates more opportunities for young players.”
Dan Jennings
Special Assistant to GM
Washington Nationals
“We feel that they put on, and it’s not even close, the best showcases and tournaments of anybody. They’re so well organized...They’re the best and the top colleges and the highest level scouts know it. ”
Roy Clark
Special Assistant to GM
Atlanta Braves
“That was kind of the first time when you’re playing competition that’s most similar to the minor leagues, and I feel like if I wouldn’t have done any of those events I wouldn’t have had any experience against the top pitchers and top guys around the league. I learned the speed of baseball and how much different it is than high school, and I think the only place you can get that from is Perfect Game.”
Eric Hosmer
San Diego Padres
“When you’re in your town, you’re the man. You’re the guy that everybody’s saying, ‘This guy is going to be good.’ But when you go to (Perfect Game) showcases you’re almost on the same level as the other guys who are playing at the level you’re playing at. It makes it fun, it makes it interesting, and you kind of see what you can do at that level.”
Justin Upton
Los Angeles Angels