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What is PG Tech
PG Tech is a technology company formed by Perfect Game and K-Motion, created to apply best-in-class technologies in baseball to better understand and analyze prospects. The data incorporated in the PG Tech Cage is THE tool to build your swing, and gives coaches and scouts a much better picture of your swing, providing them with data to see the full potential of each player.
What your PG Tech Profile gives you
The ability to capture and synchronize data across all of these technologies has always been prohibitively expensive, and until now, only the most elite organizations like MLB have been able to do it. Click below on the PG Tech FAQ for a more in-depth explanation on all things PG Tech.

Your Signature Sequence:

The order in which each body segment reaches its peak speed

#1 Pelvis
#2 Torso
#3 Arm
#4 Hand

Peak Speeds (deg/sec)

Pelvis Torso Arm Hand
888.0 1200.5 1363.0 2420.5

Speeds Gains (deg/sec)

Pelvis to Torso Torso to Arm Arm to Hand
312.5 162.5 1057.5
PG Tech is now available at all Perfect Game showcases
What People Are Saying About PG Tech
Bill Bavasi Former MLB General Manager "PG Tech will emerge as a trusted and welcome resource for amateur players, their parents, and their coaches. It will also be an important tool for college coaches and professional scouts."
Luke Heyman top-30 prospect, Class of 2022 "The PG Tech Cage has allowed me to better understand the cause-and-effect of my swing. I can see exactly why my swing produces the results it does, nail down any problems with it, and make adjustments from there."
Luis Gonzalez 5-time MLB All-Star "I can safely suggest that PG Tech has the capability to help all young players improve and maximize their talent. Not everyone is going to be a Major Leaguer, but PG Tech should help young players maximize their potential and play the game they love for as long as possible."
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